Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hollywood & Burbank, California

Ok. Here is comes. The most exciting news of all. Me, Duke, my friend and her husband all went to the Ellen Degeneres Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellen is such an inspirational person and I have been watching her show for years. I was SO, SO, SOOOO excited to get to watch her show in Burbank. Whoa. I still can't believe we went. Such an amazing experience. We stopped at Hollywood on the way. Traffic was horrendous in Hollywood. We were all pretty stressed out and just ready to see Ellen! Here are some pics:

Warner Bros. Studio. So cool.
Our giveaways from the show. LOVE New Girl!
EEEEEEK!!!!! So excited at this point.
Is this really happening!!!???
Hollywood Blvd of course.
Walk of Fame.
Chinese Theater

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